Run Solver - ADAMS and Abaqus

The Run Solver tool allows you to either run the current model or run an existing ADAMS or Abaqus command file generated previously by MotionView.

Note: The options listed below apply to ADAMS and Abaqus solver mode. If MotionSolve has been selected as the solver, additional options are available. See the Run topic for more information.

From the Analyze ribbon, click the Run icon.

The following options are available in the Run Motion Analysis dialog:
Option Description
Export Model Click the save icon to save/export the current model.
Solver Script Select the solver execution script used to run the model from the drop-down menu. A solver script can be registered through a preference file using the *RegisterSolverScript() preference statement.
Export MDL snapshot Saves a copy of the MDL file.
Export MDL animation file Writes an .maf file which can be loaded as a model in HyperView.
Select Analysis Click the drop-down menu to display a list and select an analysis from the model. Select the All option to export the solver deck and solve for each available analysis.
Export/Run When no solver script is available, use the Export button to export the solver deck. When a solver script is available, the Run button can be used to execute the solver.