Create Design Variables

Once the model is created, you must create design variables.
  1. Click on the Import Variables button (located in the lower portion of the window).
    The Model Parameter Tree dialog is displayed.
    Note: The dialog may be hidden. If necessary, click on the MotionView application in order to view the dialog.
    Figure 1.

  2. Select model properties from the left-most column, by expanding entity folders and accessing the entity properties, and click Add.
    The properties are added to the right-most column.
    Tip: To remove a property from the right-most column, select the property and click Remove.
  3. After you've finished building your list, click Done.
    The selected variables are listed in HyperStudy on the Define design variables page.
  4. To edit the bounds for the design variable, modify the values in the cells corresponding to Lower Bound, Initial, and Upper Bound.
    Figure 2. Creating Design Variables in HyperStudy

The final step is to Perform Nominal Run or System Bounds Check. Please note that this is not a MotionView specific task.