Create a Study

The first step in parameterizing the MDL model is to create a study.
  1. Be sure that at least one MDL model is active when HyperStudy is invoked.
  2. From the Application menu, select HyperStudy.
    HyperStudy is launched.
    Figure 1.

  3. Under Start, click on New Study.
    Tip: You can also select New from the File menu or click the New button on the toolbar.
    The HyperStudy - Add Study dialog is displayed.
    Figure 2.

  4. Enter a Label and variable name (Varname) for the study.
  5. Browse to the location for the study folder (output from study), and check the Create study directory in subfolder, based on Varname box if a new folder study-specific folder should be created.
  6. Click OK.
    The HyperStudy - Add Study dialog is closed and a new study is created. The application view will contain the Explorer/Directory page on the left side, along with a work area.
    Figure 3. Creating a Study in HyperStudy