Structuring faces for mapped mesh

Structuring the face

To mesh a face with more than 4 edges using the mapped mesh generator, it is necessary to assimilate this face to a rectangle, i.e. structure the face by grouping the lines.

To structure a face consists in choosing 4 vertex points to delimit 4 groups of lines (4 sides of the reference rectangle).

Mesh line for faces with more than 4 edges

For the faces with more than four edges, it is recommended to use the mesh lines of Sum of mesh lines type to ensure coherence on the groups of opposite lines.

Two examples of use of the mesh line of Sum of mesh lines type are presented below:
Example 1 Example 2

Structure faces

To structure the face (having more than 4 edges):

Step Action
1 Activate the Structure mesh > Structure faces for mapped mesh command (see next block)
The dialog box Structure faces … is open.
The only face to structure is displayed; other faces disappear from the graphic zone.

Fill out the dialog box:

  • designate in order the 4 vertex points of the face (whatever rotation sense)
  • click on OK

Activate the command

To activate the Structure faces for mapped mesh command, which requires data selection, choose one of the methods presented in the figure below: