Results of iron losses computation on regions

Computation results

The computation of iron losses on regions gives the following results


"CURVE_LOSS_REGION_i" curve can be displayed automatically and is stored in the tree in the area Postprocessing > Curve > 2D curve (I/O Parameter).

It represents instantaneous losses on the region(s) versus time.


The results are automatically displayed in the data tree in the area Postprocessing > Result > Iron losses Result.

The results include:
  • Average losses over a period on region(s) (in W)
  • Iron losses energy on region(s) (in J)
  • Error on periodicity (in %)

Spatial quantities

Spatial quantities, denominated "DVOL_ENERGY_LOSS_i" and "DVOL_LOSS_MEAN_ i" are stored in the data tree in the area Parameter/Quantity > Spatial quantity

Spatial quantities correspond to:
  • Average loss density “DVOL_LOSS_MEAN_i”
  • Losses energy density "DVOL_ENERGY_LOSS_i"

Display loss density (isovalues)

It is possible to display the above mentioned spatial quantities in a color shade graphic (isovalues).

For this:
  • In Graphic menu:

    Point on Isovalues and click on New

  • In the box:
    • Choose a support (laminated regions for iron losses computation)
    • In the spatial quantities area, open the formula editor... (click on f())
  • In the Editor of formula and spatial quantities box / User tab, select one of the following spatial quantities:
  • Confirm by clicking OK

Isovalues are computed and displayed on the selected support in the graphic windows.