Construction tools: symmetry


The mode of construction « Symmetry*» permits the graphic description of the symmetry of an assembly of entities « Point » and « Line » in relation to:

  • a standard line or a reference line
  • a standard point or a reference point

* Do not mistake it with the « Symmetry of the domain » (available in the menu Domain, which permits to define physically the study domain and geometrically the infinite box closing the study domain

Access / Cursor

The different accesses and the personalized cursor for this mode of creation are presented in the following table:

Access Cursor
By icon:
By menu: Tools → Symmetry

Dialog box

After the activation of this mode, a dialog box containing all the necessary fields and options to apply symmetry will appear.

Option Description Illustration



Permits retrieval of information on the list of entities to be symmetrised by selecting them graphically*
Symmetry axis Permits retrieval of information on the axis of symmetry, or a point or a line, by selecting them graphically
Connect to origin

Option common to all the modes of construction symmetry and repetitions

(see Construction tools: generalities )

Note: *It is possible to deselect the entities graphically or by using the button Delete.

Apply a symmetry

The process to apply Symmetry is presented in the table below.

Stage Description
1 Activation of the mode
A dialog box is opened.
2 Graphic selection of the entities to be “symmetrised”

The field « Graphic selection » is filled in

The selected entities are highlighted in green

3 Graphic selection of the of the axis of symmetry (point or line)

The field « Axis of symmetry » is filled in

The selected axis of symmetry is in highlighted in yellow

The outline of the resulting entities of the symmetry appear

4 Choice of the option « connected to the origin » : yes or not
5 Validation of the application of the symmetry by OK.

The dialog box closes.

A SYMMETRY transformation is created.

The resulting entities of the application of the symmetry are created.

The mode of construction is automatically deactivated.

Variant : Select the entities to be “symmetrised” before activating the mode permits to open the dialog box with the field « Graphic selection » pre-filled