Creation tools: generalities


This page provides information common to all the creation tools contained in Flux sketcher: Polyline, Rectangle, Arc, Circle and Reference.

Where to find them?

The creation tools are available :

  • via the Construction menu
  • via the corresponding icon (tool bar)

Equivalence to Flux

After using the creation tools in the sketcher, the result obtained is translated into the Flux standard entities « Point » and « Line ».

Possibilities of creation

It is possible to create starting from/finishing:

  • An « empty » location on the graph
  • An existing point (a standard point or a reference point)
  • An existing line (a segment or an arc or a reference line)

    → fragmentation of the line done automatically (except for a reference line)


The user has graphic aids available to facilitate the construction of the geometry:

  • A magnetization on a adjustable grid (that can be activated / deactivated)
  • Some lines of directions:
    • Main lines : horizontal and vertical direction
    • Detected lines : horizontal and vertical direction, detecting the existing points

“Smart” correction

Certain operations of correction are done automatically during the creation in order to facilitate the geometric description. The “smart” correction operations are:

  • superposition line – line
  • superposition point – line
  • fragmentation of a line if the creation starts on that line or if the creation is over on that line

The « smart » correction is an option (by default activated) that can be deactivated in the menu Options → Edit in the Smart correction tab

Note that these « smart » corrections are all done during the move of a selection of entities.