Construction tools: scaling


The sketcher mode of construction « Scaling » permits the user to duplicate an assembly of entities by reducing or increasing them.

Access / Cursor

The different accesses and the personalized cursor for this mode of creation are presented in the following table:
Access Cursor
by icon:
by menu: Tool > Scaling

Dialog box

After the activation of this mode, a dialog box containing all the necessary fields and options to apply a scaling will appear.

  Description Illustration
Graphic selection Permits the user to get information on the list of entities to be reduced/enlarged by selecting them graphically*
Point of scaling Permits the user to get information on the point of scaling starting from which the scaling factor is applied, by selecting it graphically
Facteur d'échelle

Factor permitting to :

  • reduce if -1< Sf < 1
  • increase if Sf > 1 or Sf < -1

The zero value is not admitted.

*It is possible to deselect the entities graphically or by using the button Delete.