Geometry importation: IGES / STEP standard format

IGES and STEP formats

The standard formats IGES / STEP enable the direct importation of geometry. These two formats enable the importation of complex faces (starting from version 9).

Warning: These formats are not available on the UNIX systems.


The entities of initial file in IGES / STEP formats are read and converted into Flux entities as in table below.

Entities of initial file are converted into …
points points defined by parameterized coordinates

lines of type:

  • segment defined by extremity points
  • arc defined by origin, intermediary and extremity points
  • curve (for the unspecified lines)

faces of type:

  • automatically defined by plane, cylindrical or conical surfaces
  • uneven type, defined by any kind of surfaces

Options for conversion

The choice of the general options for conversion is not proposed to the user at the time of the importation. Flux imposes the default options (Coordinate system: IGES_i / STEP_i; length unit: the meter; precision: automatic).