Geometry importation: FBD proper format

FBD format

The FBD format allows the importation of geometry by means of the internal tools proper to Flux.

The file in FBD format is created and used only by PREFLU module of Flux and contains the geometry of the problem, respectively points, lines, regions, subdivision of lines for the automatic mesh.


The entities of initial file in FBD format are read and converted into Flux entities as in table below.

Entities of initial file are converted into …
points points defined by parameterized coordinates

lines of type

  • segment defined by extremity points
  • arc defined by origin, intermediary and extremity points
faces automatic faces
geometric parameters geometric parameters
regions regions
Attention: The infinite box generated by PREFLU is not recognized by Flux.

Options for conversion

The options for conversion proposed to the user are of two types: general options for conversion available for all formats (Length unit and precision are automatically selected by Flux: meter and automatic precision

  • particular options, specific to the format FBD

Structure of a FBD file

For more details about the FBD format refer to the Flux 2D documentation.

Specific options

The options for data conversion specific to the FBD format are presented in the table below.

Option Choice Description
Convert the mesh lines no (by default) the mesh lines are not imported
yes the user chooses to import the mesh lines