Global post processing: about


The global post processing allows obtaining a global result :

  • on the full domain or on a part of the domain (choice of region)
  • on mechanical set
  • on component of circuit

How access to global quantities?

Usual local quantities are the quantities available for the postprocessing:

  • of a curve in function of one or several parameters (time or I/O parameter of the solving scenario), accessible by the commands:

    2D curve (I/O parameter) or 3D curve (2 I/O parameters)

  • of a global computation for one fixed instance (parameters of the scenario are fixed), accessible by the commands:

    Computation on physical entities or Predefined computation

Usual quantities

A list of quantities called “usual” is automatically proposed for a global post processing.

Quantities are stored in 3 categories :

  • Region
  • Circuit
  • Mechanical set