Evaluation of the demagnetization in post-processing


This section deals with a new post-processing function that is to evaluate the demagnetization due to an important magnetic field (short circuit … ). This feature allows to know which point the magnet is demagnetized over a period.


  • Available in 2D and 3D with magneto-static or magneto-transient application.
  • Available for every model of nonlinear magnet symmetrical in the third quadrant (for the spline model, the starting point must be (-Hc,0) and the curve must be fully increase).


A magnet can be demagnetized when there is an important magnetic field placed upon it. This effect is normally studied by looking at the second and the third quadrant of the hysteresis curve of the magnetic material.

When the magnetic field increases, we follow the B(H) curve of the magnet, however when we go back we will not follow the magnetic curve, but a recoil curve.