Mesh point: definition (structure)


A mesh point is defined by:

  • a name (and a comment)
  • a type
  • specific charateristics, depending on the type
  • a color


The name to identify the mesh point is set by the user during the creation of this one.

A comment (optional) can be added to the name.


The types of mesh point are presented in the following table.

Type Description
Uniform Mesh point using a fixed value determined by the user
Dynamic* Mesh point using a dynamic value: the lowest weight corresponds to the length of the shortest incident line of the project.
Note: * the distribution of dynamic type cannot be created by the user. It is used by the aided mesh.


The mesh point value is defined using an algebraic expression that can contain:

  • constants
  • geometrical parameters
  • basic mathematical functions using operators: +, -, *, /, ( )
  • usual mathematical functions admitted by FORTRAN.

The mathematical functions are described in section Functions .