Assign mesh points to points

Assign a mesh point

To assign a mesh point to points:

Step Action
1 Activate the Assign mesh point command (see next block)
An assignment box is open.

Fill out the assignment box:

  • choose a mesh point in the list of mesh points
  • click on OK
The mesh point is assigned to the points.
An assignment box is open.

Go on assignment:

  • go to step 2

Quit the assignment sequence:

  • click on Cancel

Activate the command

To activate the Assign mesh point command, which requires data selection , choose one of the methods presented in the figure below:

Note: To open a contextual menu, use the right button of the mouse. For multiple selections, keep the Ctrl key pressed.

Some advice

Some advice to facilitate the adjustment of the mesh is presented below.

  • The number of points of a geometric model can be large, and selecting each point in turn could easily become burdensome. Thus, it makes sense to clearly distinguish areas to be meshed with elements of the same size and then to select the points of these areas by criterion (Selection of points by means of a face, a volume, a region, etc.).
  • To facilitate the mesh adjustment, it is also recommended to start by assigning one mesh point, usually the largest value, to all the points before starting the distribution of mesh points. In this way, one can avoid having points with no mesh information (otherwise, the mesh value assigned to such points is arbitrarily chosen by Flux).


After a mesh point is assigned to the point, the Mesh tab of the point dialog box is updated.

This is presented in the example below (the LARGE mesh point is assigned to the point n°4).