Mesh line: definition (structure)


A mesh line is defined by:

  • a name (and a comment)
  • a type
  • specific characteristics belonging to a type
  • a color


The name to identify the mesh line is set by the user during the creation of this one.

A comment (optional) can be added to the name.

Types of mesh lines

The different types of mesh lines and the characteristics useful for their description are gathered in the tables below.

* see next block.

Type of mesh line Description
Arithmetic Number of elements
Absolute deviation Value of the absolute deviation criterion expressed in meters determining the number of elements on a curve line
Relative deviation Value of the relative deviation criterion (0<d<1) determining the number of elements on a curve line
Geometric with imposed number of elements Number of elements Geometric progression ratio (1<R<2)
Geometric with minimum distance Length unit Minimum distance between nodes* Geometric progression ratio (1<R<2)
Length of line elements at extreme points Length unit

Length at extreme point 1*

Length at extreme point 2*

Linked Transformation
Sum of mesh lines List of associated Mesh Lines

A multiplying coefficient for each Mesh Line

* see next block.


The mesh point value is defined using an algebraic expression that can contain:

  • constants
  • geometrical parameters
  • basic mathematical functions using operators: +, -, *, /, ( )
  • usual mathematical functions admitted by FORTRAN.

The mathematical functions are described in section Functions .