Mesh line: about


A mesh line is an algebraic expression, which, once assigned to a line, defines the distribution of the nodes on this line.

A mesh line sets the density of nodes on the line.

  • arithmetic : uniformly distributed nodes (isotropic distribution on the line )

  • geometric : nodes distributed in a geometrical progression (anisotropic distribution on the line)

  • deviation : nodes distributed in accordance with a function of a deviation criterion (d) *

    Note: * (d) is the distance between the center of the linear element and its projection on a curve. As long as the distance (d) is inferior to the deviation criterion expressed by the user, the software continues the cutting of the line into linear elements.

Aided mesh

Within the framework of the administration of global adjustment via aided mesh :

  • deviation a mesh line of type AIDED is created and assigned by default in Flux to all free curve lines
  • the value and the type (relative or absolute) of this mesh line can only be modified via aided mesh

Local setting

The local adjustment process comprises two phases:

  • Creation of mesh lines
  • Assignment of mesh lines to lines

Parameter setting

Mesh lines allow the mesh parameter setting .

When the mesh parameter setting is associated with the geometry parameter setting (use of geometric parameters to define the mesh lines*) then the distances between nodes can vary along with the distances between points.

Note: * it is not possible to use geometric parameters for all types of mesh line.