Applying a Thin Dielectric Sheet to a Face

Add a thin dielectric sheet to a face bordering a free space region.

The thin dielectric sheet approximation changes the surface impedance of triangular elements. Only the boundary condition is affected.
  1. Create the layered dielectric to use as a thin dielectric sheet:
    1. Define the dielectric(s).
    2. Define the layered dielectric.
  2. In the details tree select the face where you want to apply the thin dielectric sheet.
  3. From the right-click context menu, select Properties.
  4. On the Modify Face dialog, click the Properties tab.

    Figure 1. The Modify Face dialog.
  5. Under Face medium, in the Medium drop-down list, select the layered dielectric medium to be used as the thin dielectric sheet.
  6. Click OK to apply the thin dielectric sheet to the face and to close the dialog.