Requesting Transmission / Reflection Coefficients

Add a request to calculate the transmission / reflection coefficients for a plane wave interacting with a planar structure.

  1. On the Request tab, in the Solution Requests group, click the  Transmission / Reflection icon.

    Figure 1. The Request Transmission / Reflection coefficients dialog.
  2. Under Plane position for phase reference, specify the location (origin) of the plane wave in Cartesian coordinates.
  3. [Optional] Select the Export transmission and reflection coefficients to file (*.tr) check box to export the transmission / reflection data from infinite surface structures.
    Note: To export a valid .tr file, your model must either contain a periodic boundary condition (PBC) or a planar Green's function.
  4. In the Label field, add a unique label for the request.
  5. Click Create to request the transmission / reflection coefficients and to close the dialog.