Regions (Geometry)

A region is an enclosed volume. By default, a region is set to perfect electric conductor (PEC).

Selecting a region in the 3D view selects the corresponding region in the details tree. Conversely, selecting a region in the details tree selects the corresponding region in the 3D view.

Figure 1. Select a region in the 3D view to highlight the corresponding entry in the details tree. The converse is also true.
The following can be applied to regions:
  • Media
    • Dielectrics
    • Anisotropic media (3D)
  • Local mesh size
  • Solution methods
  • Basis functions (local setting)

Boolean operations can be applied to the parents of regions. Where geometry operations introduce intersections of existing regions, and the parent regions have conflicting settings, the resulting regions are marked suspect to indicate that the settings need to be reviewed.

Note: Deleting a face that forms part of the region boundary effectively removes the region or merges the region with the surrounding region.
Any setting applied to a region is also used for faces bounding the region.
Attention: If the face has a conflicting setting, the face setting takes precedence over the region setting.