Notification Centre

The Notification centre performs computational electromagnetic model (CEM) validation and shows the status of the model and notifications.

The Notification centre lets you stay informed of the model status at all times. When problems in the model are detected, it is highlighted in the Notification centre with hyperlinks to the problematic entities.

The Notification centre can be hidden but the Model Status icon in the status bar will still indicate the current status of the model.
Figure 1. The Notification centre in CADFEKO. Note the Model Status icon at the bottom that shows the current status of the model.

Show or hide the Notification centre using one of the following workflows:
  • Click the Model Status icon in the status bar.
  • Drag the splitter from the right edge of the application to open the pane. To close, drag the splitter all the way to the right.
  • On the Home, in the Validate group, click the Model Status icon.
  • Click the icon in the Notification centre to hide the panel. Click the icon to show the panel again.