Applying a Coating to a Wire or Face

Add a surface coating to a wire or to both sides of a conducting face.

  1. Create the layered dielectric to use as a coating:
    1. Create the dielectric(s).
    2. Create a layered dielectric to be used as the coating.
  2. In the details tree select the wire or face where you want to apply a coating.
  3. From the right-click context menu, select Properties.
    Figure 1. The Modify Face dialog.

  4. On the Modify Edge / Modify Face dialog, click the Properties tab.
  5. Under Coating, select the Apply coating check box and select the coating type.
    • Electrically thin
      Use this option to add an electrically thin, multilayer dielectric / magnetic coating.
    • Electrically thick (single layer only)
      Use this option to add a single layer, electrically thick, dielectric / magnetic coating to a closed structure with a PEC surface. This is typically used to model radar-absorbing materials (RAM)1.
    • Characterised surface
      Use this option to add a characterised surface as coating.
  6. In the Coating name field, from the drop-down list, select the layered dielectric or characterised surface to be used as the coating.
    The next step only applies for characterised surfaces.
  7. Under , specify the start point and end point for the . The vector is not required to be exactly in the plane of the face, since it is projected onto the face, but it should be approximately parallel to the face.
  8. In the Thickness field, specify the thickness of the coating.
  9. Click OK to apply the coating to the wire or face and to close the dialog.
1 A high-shielding coating.