Appendix 2 - HTML Help Page Example

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<h1 class="title topictitle1" id="ariaid-title1">addpath</h1>

<div class="body refbody"><p class="shortdesc">Updates the search path for functions by adding the given directories <var class="keyword varname">d,</var> to the existing path <span class="ph synph">R</span>. </p>

<section class="section"><h2 class="title sectiontitle">Syntax</h2>
<p class="p"><span class="ph synph">R = addpath <span class="ph var">(d,...)</span></span></p>
<p class="p"><span class="ph synph">R = addpath <span class="ph var">('d1; d2; d3; ...')</span></span></p>

<section class="section"><h2 class="title sectiontitle"><span class="keyword">Inputs</span></h2>
<dl class="dl parml">
<dt class="dt pt dlterm"><var class="keyword varname">d,...</var></dt>
<dd class="dd pd">Directories to be prepended to the search path. The directories must exist. An absolute path is not needed if directories are nested in the current directory.</dd>
<dd class="dd pd ddexpand">Type: <span class="keyword">string</span></dd>
<dt class="dt pt dlterm"><var class="keyword varname">'d1; d2; d3; ...'</var></dt>
<dd class="dd pd"> Multiple directories can be specified in the same string by using a semicolon (;) as the delimiter.</dd>
<dd class="dd pd ddexpand">Type: <span class="keyword">string</span></dd>

<section class="section"><h2 class="title sectiontitle"><span class="keyword">Outputs</span></h2>
<dl class="dl parml">
<dt class="dt pt dlterm"><span class="ph synph">R</span></dt>
<dd class="dd pd">Updated search path for functions.</dd>
<dd class="dd pd ddexpand">Type: <span class="keyword">string</span>.</dd>


<section class="section"><h2 class="title sectiontitle">Example</h2>

<div class="p">Prepend directory to the search path:<pre class="pre codeblock"><code>R = addpath('Functions')</code></pre><pre class="pre codeblock"><code><samp class="ph systemoutput">R = Functions;C:/Users/Default/TestScripts;C:/Program Files/Toolboxes</samp></code></pre></div>

<div class="p">Prepend multiple directories, specified in a single string, to the search path:<pre class="pre codeblock"><code>R = addpath('Functions;Tests;UserDefined')</code></pre><pre class="pre codeblock"><code><samp class="ph systemoutput">R = UserDefined;Tests;Functions;C:/Users/Default/TestScripts;C:/Program Files/Toolboxes</samp></code></pre></div>

<section class="section"><h2 class="title sectiontitle">Comments</h2>

<p class="p">The given directories, <var class="keyword varname">d, ...</var>, are prepended to the existing search path, <span class="ph synph">R</span>. Multiple directories can also be specified in the same input string
using the syntax <var class="keyword varname">d1; d2; d3; ...</var>, where a semicolon is used as the delimiter for directories. A warning is returned if one or more of the given directories
<var class="keyword varname">d, ...</var> do not exist.</p>

<section class="section">