Variable Browser

The Variable Browser displays all the workspace variables along with their value, type, and scope.

The Variable Browser lists all user-generated local and global variables. It displays the variable name, content, type and scope. The variables are listed in the order they are created and can be sorted by clicking on the column name.

There are several operations that can be done on the variables via the context menu as shown below.
  • Copy copies the variable name (not the contents) to the clipboard.
  • Edit Value allows you to edit the variable content for any type except matrix (see below for editing a matrix).
  • Rename renames the variable name itself.
  • Delete and Delete All removes the individual variable and all variables from memory, respectively.
  • In case the debugger is active, an additional entry is added to the context menu Add to Watch. The selected variable is then added to the debugger’s Watch Window to monitor the variable values during debugging.

For a very small matrix, the contents are visible in the Variable Browser. However, for a larger matrix, the size is displayed there instead. All matrix content can be viewed and edited by double-clicking on its name in the Variable Browser. This displays the contents in a separate grid view. Each matrix is displayed in its own grid and each grid is listed in the Project Browser, named after the variable itself. The grid views can be deleted or hidden by accessing the context menu on the grid name in the Project Browser.

Each filled cell in the grid is editable by double clicking on the cell. Only single numeric values (including complex) can be entered. The matrix is updated immediately. The matrix can be expanded in each dimension individually by selecting rows or columns and accessing the Insert option from the context menu (new cells are filled with zeros). Similarly, rows and columns can be deleted as well.