Compose Menus

Compose contains five menus: File, Edit, View, Tools, and Debug.

The following options are available on the Compose menus:
  • Create a new file and open existing files and recent sessions.
  • Save an individual file or project.
  • Print a file.
  • Close files.
  • Display the Preferences dialog.
  • Access the help, tutorials, and licensing information.
    Important: The help mode default is Online. From the Preferences dialog, under Help, deselect the Use online help option to have Compose access locally installed help files instead.
  • Undo/Redo
  • Cut/Copy/Paste/Delete
  • Find/Replace
  • Go to a specific line number
  • Bookmarks sub-menu
    Toggle Bookmark
    Switches between bookmarks.
    Enable/Disable Bookmark
    Enables or disables a bookmark.
    Enable All/Disable All Bookmarks
    Enables or disables all bookmarks.
    Next Bookmark
    Goes to the next bookmark.
    Previous Bookmark
    Goes to the previous bookmark.
    Clear All Bookmarks
    Clears all bookmarks.
  • Apply read only properties to a file
Display or hide the following user interface tools:
  • Project Browser
  • Property Editor
  • File Browser
  • Bookmarks
  • Command History
  • Demo Browser
  • OML Command Window
  • Variable Browser
  • OML Library Browser
From the Ribbons sub-menu, turn on/off the Tools and Debug menus.
Select Full Screen to display Compose in full screen mode.
Wrap Lines to fit in the window width.
Click Show Wrap Visuals to display a visual indicator at the end of the wrapped lines.
Access the Outlining sub-menu options: Expand All, Collapse All, Toggle Outlining, and Start/Stop Outlining.
Access the OML Library Manager and the Advanced and Macro sub-menus.
OML Library Manager
Displays the OML Library Manager dialog. See Library Creation and Management in OML for Compose for more information on using the OML Library Manager.
This sub-menu contains options for:
Match Brace
Jumps to the matching brace.
Select to Brace
Selects the section in matching braces.
Comment/Uncomment Selection
Comment and uncomment out the selection.
Increase Indent
Adds an indent from the current location of the cursor. Select Decrease Indent to remove the previously added indent.
Show White Space
Displays white spaces and tabs by inserting a small dot and an arrow, respectively.
Show EOL Characters
Toggles the display of the end-of-line characters.
Convert EOL Characters
Convert the end-of-line characters to Windows, UNIX, or Mac format.
Tab to Space/ Space to Tab
Record your session actions (in the Editor) as macros to replay them at a later time.
Start/stop the macro recording.
Run Current Macro
Playback your current macro recording.
Select and Run
Select a macro from the saved macros (or the last recorded macro) and define the execution (single/multiple).

Save Current Macro
Saves the current recording.

Remove Macros
Removes previously saved macros.

While in Authoring mode, select Start Debugging to start the debugger.
New options are displayed on the Debug menu when in Debug mode, including:
Select Watch, Call Stack or Breakpoints to display those windows in the interface.
Run File
Begins the debug process.
Stop Debugging
Stops the debug process.
Breakpoint Options (New, Clear, Disable, Enable, Toggle)
Besides creating a new breakpoint, you can also clear, disable, and enable all breakpoints, or toggle between breakpoints.