Demo Browser

Displays demo files (OML, Python and Tcl scripts) that are present in the installation.

To show or hide the Demo Browser, select View menu > Demo Browser or press F7.

Figure 1.
To open a file from the Demo Browser:
  1. Double-click on a script to open it in the Editor.
  2. Select a script and drag and drop it into the Editor.

You can also select a script from the Demo Browser and right-click to display the following context sensitive menu items:

Opens the script in the editor.
Open Containing Folder
Opens the folder in the installation where the file is located.

Standard search and filter capabilities are available in the Demo Browser.

The content of the Demo Browser is both static and dynamic.

All scripts found in the current installation's tutorials folder are displayed.
If you install a toolbox and this toolbox has a demos folder, then this folder becomes a new branch in the Demo Browser.
Important: The dynamic aspect of the Demo Browser is currently not available.