Expert mode - Table

1. Expert mode dialog box

Building the winding architecture – Filling of the connection table
1 Dialog box to define a connection table with expert mode.
2 Box to upload a connection table defined into a *.xlsx file.
3 Box to manually fill a connection table or modify an uploaded one from a *.xlsx file.
4 Selection of the number of layers. Number of layers are limited to 2
5 Number of conductors per layer (This value must be even)
6 Number of slots per pole and per phase to set. No more than 2 times the number of slots per pole and per phase
7 Dynamic view of the hairpin winding updated in real time in function of the filling status of the connection table.

Area to customize the view. For each elementary coil set in parallel (A,B,C…):

  • Conductor number or current direction can be plotted
  • Hairpin or/and back-end connections can be displayed or not according to the selected elementary coils in the dialogue box
9 Icon to apply inputs and close the panel.
10 Icon to remove everything in the connection table (Erase connection table data).
11 Icon to cancel action and close the panel.