Expert mode

1. User input parameters

Label Symbol Tooltip, note, formula
No. Layers N Layers Number of layers - 1 or 2 (Easy mode).
Coil layout * Coil layout inside the slot – Full, Superimposed or Adjacent (Advanced mode).
No. duplications * Number of duplications (Advanced mode).
Phase sequence * Phase sequence (all modes).
No. parallel paths P paths Number of parallel paths (all modes).

2. Main principles

Building the winding architecture - Expert mode
1 Selection of the Expert mode for building the winding architecture.
2 “Set values” means opening the dialog box to fill the connection table. See illustration below.
3 Number of parallel paths.

The possible numbers of parallel paths are automatically computed and proposed to the user. When the user chooses a number of parallel paths, the connections on the winding scheme are automatically updated. See examples in Auto mode chapter.

Note: The complete list of the possible numbers of parallel paths is proposed. Sometimes, the number of parallel paths can be greater than the number of possible duplications. In that case, the connection of the parallel paths is not displayed on the layout of the winding. See the illustration below.
4 Definition of the phase sequence i.e. the rotation direction of the Magneto-Motive Force (M.M.F): Clockwise or Counter clockwise.
5 Icon to apply inputs. Pressing the enter key twice applies inputs too.
6 Icon to restore default input values.

Default values are those which define the winding architecture by using the automatic mode.

7 Icon to export winding data into a text file

Case where the connection of the parallel paths is not displayed