Generating Topographical Data

Generate topographical data by using drawing tools and creating a matrix.

Topography is drawn in ProMan by using the pixel modification tool.

  1. Click Data > Topography Database > New

    This creates a new empty matrix.

    Figure 1. The Coordinate System dialog.

  2. In the Datum of coordinates drop-down list, select one of the listed items.
  3. In the UTM or Geodetic group, select an option.
  4. Click OK to continue.
  5. On the Properties dialog, specify the matrix dimensions.
    Figure 2. The Properties dialog.


    The next dialog offers the selection of a background image. If no background image is required, the dialog can be canceled.

  6. Specify the minimum and maximum elevation of the topography.
    Figure 3. The Range of elevation values dialog.

  7. Draw the topography.
    Note: Use the drawing tools to fill the matrix.
    Figure 4. Example of a topography.