The Preview Window

The Preview Window allows you to:

  • Open a file a data source

  • Preview and confirm the data in the data source

  • Load a table into your workspace

The Preview Window initially displays a list of tables from the sources you have opened:


These tables may be:

From this window you can preview tables and/or select the tables you want to work with.

To preview a table and inspect your data, click the Preview icon: .

The window will look like this:

Preview Window panels




The standard  Monarch Data Prep Studio Toolbar

Beginning from the left-hand side of the toolbar, you can:


Recent Items

This pane can be expanded or collapsed by clicking the Recent Files button.



Preview Tools

Select a tool to select or deselect a table, prior to loading. You can also select to:

  • New to open another file or data source and add another table

  • Close All or Close Selected to remove all or specific tables, respectively, from the Table List  

  • Open Selected to load all selected tables into the workspace.


Table List

The table list shows all of the data sources you have added to the current workspace.

From this panel, you can:

  • Select a table to open in Table Preview or in the Prepare window. Note that only one table can be previewed at any one time, but you can select all tables at once (by ticking the Name box) to load in the Prepare window.

  • Filter for a specific table name, type (i.e., delimited text, Excel, Access), source (i.e., the file in which the table resides), and path

  • Sort tables according to specific criteria (i.e., name, type, source name, and path)

  • Clear all filters


Table Preview

This panel includes several subpanels that provide more information on your selected table.  


Row Count and Row Limit Configuration

Displays the number of rows in the data source.

You can limit the number of rows to work with by selecting the Edit icon


to display the Edit Source Row Limit dialog:


Column Information

This panel displays a list of the columns on the table currently in preview.  It shows the column names, each column's data type, and the number of unique values for each column as well

Note the following: 

If you are previewing an Excel file, for instance, selecting Load Options allows you to view and modify Excel Options.


If you are viewing an HTML table, Load Options and Text Viewer icons are made available.

  • For some table types, the top of the panel displays a Load Options button.


Clicking on the Load Options icon displays the HTML Load Options dialog; this dialog will allow you to specify whether the first row of the table includes column names and define n number of lines to skip before capturing the next row as the first row of your table.

Clicking on the Text Viewer icon displays a dialog showing the HTML style code of the table.




  • Unticking the check icon beside a column removes it from the table when loaded in the Prepare window. Thus, when the table is loaded, this column will not be displayed.

  • Clicking the funnel icon beside a column displays various filter options according to the data type.

  • A warning icon beside a column will alert you regarding possible issues with your data. Click on this icon to view the warning or error.


Column Statistics

Selecting a column name in the Column Information subpanel displays all unique values of that column, as well as various statistics according to data type, in the Column Statistics subpanel.


For text columns, the following statistics are displayed:


For date/time columns, the following statistics are displayed:


For numeric columns, the following statistics are displayed:


If you wish to order the rows of a selected column according to statistics, select an option from the Order by list:


Data Preview

The Data Preview subpanel displays sample rows from the selected table. This subpanel allows you to visually confirm whether the data you need are in the table you selected.

Icons on the header readily tell you a column's data type:



 Text shows a complete preview of the table selected. You can use this preview to decide whether the table you selected in the Table List contains the data you need.



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