The Application Menu

Select the application menu at the right of the toolbar to display additional option, mostly related to the workspace and the change history list.





New Workspace

Create a new workspace.

Open Workspace

Opens a workspace that you have previously saved.  

  • Open - Opens a workspace saved to a local folder
  • Open from Altair Monarch Server Library - Opens a workspace saved to an Altair Monarch Server Library

Close Workspace

Closes the current Workspace. You will be prompted to save your Workspace if there are unsaved changes.

Save Workspace

Saves the current workspace. You may opt to:

  • Save

  • Save as

  • Save with password

  • Save as with password

Open Data

Launches the Select Data Source to Open dialog, which you can use to add data sources to your workspace.

Import Change List

Imports a Change History file into a workspace. Once imported, the changes are applied to the active table in the Prepare Window. Refer to Working with Change History.

Export Change List

Exports the Change History so that you can import the changes and apply them to a similar table.  Refer to Working with Change History.

Import Workspace Tables

Adds selected tables from a saved workspace into a new or current workspace.

Switch to Classic Mode

Opens the Monarch Classic application.


Opens the Data Prep Studio documentation landing page, through which you can gain access to the Data Prep Studio tutorial lessons, help file, and quickstart guide.

Exit Monarch Data Prep Studio

Quits and then closes Monarch Data Prep Studio. You will be prompted to save your workspace if there are unsaved changes to it.




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