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Monarch Data Prep Studio tracks all transformations that you carry out on a table and logs these in a change history list. Note that changes are tracked in the Prepare Window as well as in the Joining and Appending stages.

A change history is a record of all of the changes that have been made to a table or column, including any filter and row selection applied prior to loading. This list can be reapplied to any table that has columns of the same names and data types in the same order. Change histories may be imported and exported and applied to tables similar to that from which the imported/exported change history was created.

Using Change History, you can:

  • have a ready audit trail so you can review the transformations you have carried out

  • undo changes

  • apply changes to other columns in other tables within the Prepare Window. You can even export the Change History and apply to other tables in a different workspace

  • create a library of changes that you can export, import, and reuse

The Change History panel provides several tools that help you work with changes.


The table below describes these tools



Font/Font Size Selector

Allows you to change the font and font size used in the table; the selected font and font size are applied when the table is exported to MS Excel

Drag and drop handle

Allows you to drag and drop the entire Change History list to another compatible table. When this is done, all of the changes indicated in the list are applied to all of the columns of the new table.

Undo last change

Reverses the last change to the Change History list (e.g., addition of new change, grouping of changes, movement of a change up/down the Change list)

Redo change

Repeats the last undone change to the Change History list.

Collapse/Expand change group

Collapses or expands change groups.

Import change list

Imports a change list that is applied to all of the columns of the table into which it is imported.

Export change list

Exports a change list.

Add or Edit Macros

Allows you to add/edit macros.

Undo change

Reverses the selected change. Note that all changes that appear above a change that is to be undone are also reversed. This tool specifically concerns column changes added to the Change History List.

Edit change

Launches a dialog that can be used to modify the selected change.

Object description

Launches a text field into which you can enter a comment or description of the change applied.



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