About Your Workspace

Data Prep Studio workspaces are highly similar to Monarch Classic projects, which describe the collection of reports, templates, summaries, exports, filters, sorts, and other definitions created or used and saved in a Classic session. When you open a Classic project, all of the definitions and objects you had previously worked with and saved are loaded into the Monarch application and you can continue working with them without needing to rebuild these items.

"Workspace" is the collective term for the objects and actions that are involved in a data preparation operation (i.e., in Data Prep Studio). Your workspace includes:

  • the tables you have loaded

  • the join actions you have defined and the resulting tables that were produced

  • the transformations you have applied to individual columns

  • the metadata you have added to tables

  • the data prep operations you have carried out

When you open a saved workspace, all of these items are loaded into Data Prep Studio and you can work with them without needing to recreate joins, appends, transformations, and the like.

Classic users must note that Data Prep Studio workspaces are not synonymous to templates. In essence, a Classic template is a set of instructions that tell Monarch how the data in a report, PDF file, HTML file or other compatible input should be captured to create a table. Templates can be saved into models or projects and reapplied to similar inputs with the same format to obtain repeatable results (i.e., tables with the same column headings). In Data Prep Studio, templates are most similar to the column definitions supplied when using Report Discovery and the mask characters specified during advanced Report Discovery work. However, these mask characters cannot be saved outside of the workspace and can only be used within the workspace in which they are created.

Note also that while workspaces created in previous versions of Monarch can be opened in Monarch 14, workspaces created in Monarch 14 cannot be opened by lower versions of the application.

When working with workspaces, you can:




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