Report Design Basics

Monarch Data Prep Studio is not limited to working with databases and tables. You can also open a PDF/PRN report and select the fields that you want to include in a table. Once the table has been completely defined, it is included in the Preview Window from where you can load and combine it with other available tables.

  1. Open your PDF/PRN document.

    You can:

    You are brought to the Report Design Window:


  2. Define templates to extract the data from your document:

    When your trapping operations are completed, Monarch Data Prep Studio will create a new column for each field that you define and populate that column with similar field values:


  3. Select Accept to complete Report Design. The table you just defined is included in the Preview Window as a Monarch report node.

    You can load multiple reports into this node by clicking on the drop-down button located to the right of the parent table and then selecting Report Options > Add Report.



  • Added reports must have the same format and be of the same file type to enable correct data capture.

  • You cannot add the same report that is already being used in the model. In this case, the report will be skipped and will not be added to the model. The following warning popup will display:


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