The Transform Pane

Transform allows you manipulate your columns to come up with a different way of viewing your data.


From this dialog, you can define:




Arranges the rows of a specific column in ascending or descending order.

Pivot Columns

Transform column values into column headers, in effect transforming data from a tall/skinny format to a short/wide one.

Unpivot Columns

Transform column headers into column values, in effect transforming data from a short/wide format to a tall/skinny one.


Transforms a table so you may view each row on a vertical instead of horizontal axis


Organizes your table so that all rows that have a common field value are brought together to provide a meaningful summary of your data.


Removes or shows duplicate rows in the table.

Extract Rows

Deletes or shows all rows that do not contain any data.



  • While data preparation operations are reversed/deleted using the Change History panel, table transformations are reversed/discarded by clicking on the drop-down arrow located to the right of the transformed table and then selecting Discard Transform from the options that display.
  • When the table you want to manipulate has errors (e.g., broken change list, invalid or missing source file), the application will display the following message: "This table has one or more errors. These must be fixed before proceeding. Make sure to address these errors before proceeding with transforming your data."



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