The Combine Stage

The Combine stage allows you to join or append two or more tables. The operation to be performed can be selected from a drop-down menu when the Combine tool is clicked.

Combine Stage panels




The standard  Monarch Data Prep Studio Toolbar

Select a tool to move to the Start Page, Preview Window, Prepare Window, Transform Pane, Analyze Drop-down, or Export Window.


List of Tables


  • all the tables you have selected and loaded from the Preview window

  • all the new tables created via a combine operation

Note that tables on the list are differentiated by the following icons:

is a regular table loaded from a Preview operation

is a table that is the result of a join operation

is a table that is the result of an append operation.

is a table resulting from opening Monarch (model + report or project) or PDF files. The group of tables represented by this icon is called a Monarch node.  


Joining (Appending) Stage

Allows you to join (append) tables. Refer to Combining Data for details.


Data Preview

Displays sample rows from the currently-selected table. The Data Preview panel allows you to visually confirm the data in your tables.

Icons on the header readily tell you a column's data type:





Create New Join (Append)

Clicking this button removes all previous join components from the joining stage allows you to define a new join.


Join Analysis

Click this button to analyze two tables and find out which fields will provide the best join result.  Refer to Joining Tables for details on using this feature.


Change History Panel

Click to hide or unhide the Change History Panel and work with Change History.


Action Bar

The buttons displayed in the action bar vary according to the active table displayed in the Prepare window. You can use these buttons to perform quick operations on your table, such as edit file paths or add metadata columns.


Workspace Information

Click this icon to launch a popup that provides complete details on your workspace.


Save Workspace

Use this icon to automatically save your workspace.


Data Source Library

You can save workspaces and tables to the Data Source Library. Clicking this icon displays the Library dialog.



Click to set Current Workspace or Application Default settings.


Application Menu

Click on this button to display a menu showing additional Monarch Data Prep Studio options. You can:



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