Mirror parts across a symmetry plane.

  1. On the Geometry ribbon, select the Mirror tool.

  2. Optional: Click Parts on the guide bar, then select one or more parts in the modeling window.
  3. Click Plane on the guide bar, then click in the modeling window to position the mirror plane.
    A preview of the mirror plane appears when you hover over the model. If you did not specifically select parts in the previosu step, the part to be mirrored is assumed based on what objects are selected and how you position the mirror plane.
  4. By default, the mirror operation retains the original part. To replace the part with the mirrored part, click the Find Options button on the guide bar, then deselect Keep Original.
  5. Click Apply on the microdialog.
  • To link the mirrored part to the original, select Instance in the Find Options Find Options. Whenever one part is updated, the other will be automatically updated as well.
  • To reposition the mirror plane using the Move tool, click .
  • To align the mirrored object to the x-, y-, or z-axis, click .
  • To merge two coincident faces, box select the faces before opening the Mirror tool. This technique works well with mirrored parts.

Keyboard Shortcuts & Mouse Controls

To Do this
Add to or remove from the selection Ctrl
Exit tool Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.