Extract a midsurface or side faces from thin solids, and determine where surfaces are represented.

Replacing parts with midsurfaces yields better results while increasing speed when running an analysis or optimization. This tool cannot be used on T-sections or similar variable thickness geometry.

Extract a Midsurface or Face

Select a thin solid and click Apply to extract the midsurface. Use the microdialog to preview and extract a side face instead.

  1. On the Geometry ribbon, select the Midsurface tool.

    Note: The tool may be hidden in the dropdown menu. To access the dropdown menu, you can do one of the following:
    • Select at the lower right corner of the currently displayed tool.
    • Click and hold the currently displayed tool.
  2. Select a thin solid.
    A preview of the midsurface is shown. The thickness is automatically calculated and displayed in the microdialog, but cannot be edited.
  3. Optional: To extract a side face instead, click the icon to preview one of the side faces. Click the icon again to preview the other side face.
  4. Click the preview to confirm and extract the desired face.
    The original thin solid is deactivated.
  • It's generally faster to extract a side rather than the midsurface, and the results will be the same.
  • To restore the original thin solid, open the Midsurface tool and select the extracted surface.

Keyboard Shortcuts & Mouse Controls

To Do this
Select a thin solid or surface Left-click
Restore original thin solid part Select an extracted surface
Add/remove from selection Ctrl+click
Exit tool Right-click and mouse through the check mark to exit, or double-right-click.