Statics Analysis Is Not Converging for Your Model


The static solver was unable to find a static equilibrium position during analysis of this model.


  • Run a transient simulation instead to see if you have a freely falling body in your model.
  • Try changing the Model Units to the MKS or MMKS units system. Modeling units can be changed via File > Preferences > Inspire > Units.
  • Add soft coil springs to stabilize parts and help them settle out during statics analysis.
  • Turn gravity off and see if you can find statics successfully.
  • Use transient analysis to bring your model closer to a static position, then use the Update Model feature to use that configuration as a new starting point for subsequent statics analysis.
  • Check the run.log file located in the File > Preferences > Inspire > Run Options > Run History Path.
  • You may have a part with an unconstrained rotational degree of freedom. Try placing a soft torsion spring on the part to prevent it from spinning during statics analysis.