Create Local Design Spaces

Use the Local tool to create a design within a predetermined localized region of an existing model. The tool will automatically patch the open voids, create the voxel design space, and create a TIE contact between the local design space and the surrounding structure.

  • It is necessary to prepare the model beforehand; preparation must include patching open holes or gaps that are larger than the desired voxel mesh size. Using a combination of hole/gap fill and shrink wrap will get the model to the point it is ready for local design space creation.
  • It is important to turn off the part(s) that are not applicable for the local design space creation and/or deselect them when selecting the appropriate part(s) for design space creation. It is often easier to make the display selection ready before entering the workflow.

The local design space workflow is designed to facilitate rapid model generation for topology optimization. Typical applications may include the concept design exploration of structural inserts or baffles within an enclosed structure.

The images below show 1) the local design space created and 2) the topology result which is ready for design interpretation.
Figure 1. Local design space
Figure 2. Topology result
The local design space workflow will by default create the voxels at the voids only. It will not create voxels that intersect the structure – see the image below, Voids Only.
Figure 3.
  1. From the Design Space ribbon, click the Local tool.
    Figure 4.

  2. Click on the guide bar to define mesh size and TIE contact settings.
  3. Select the location of interest where the design space will be created.
    Local Design Space

    Create a new deign space within a specified bounding box.

    1. Select a node or location to define the center of the bounding box.
    2. Adjust the dimensions, position, and orientation of the box using the manipulators and microdialogs.

      All elements within the bounding box are considered for the creation of the design space.


    Create one or more design spaces that are in symmetry or reflected.

    1. Select a pre-existing design space to reflect.
    2. Click the Symmetry selector on the guide bar then select an existing symmetry plane, or right-click in empty space and select Create New to define a new plane.
  4. Optional: Select exclude volume entities.
    Exclude volume entities define the non-design parts and/or subsystems. All space within the exclude will be exempt from having voxels created within it.
    Components and elements are supported. Change the entity type from the guide bar selector.
  5. On the guide bar, click one of the following:
    • - Apply and stay in the tool
    • - Apply and close the tool
    • - Exit the tool without applying
After confirming your selection:
  • A local design space is created within the selected area.
  • A TIE contact is created between the design space and the structure.
  • Design variable cards (DTPL) are setup for topology optimization.