Apply Constraints

Place constraints or enforced displacements on a model. This is accomplished by assigning a degree of freedom (DOF) constraint to the node or set.

Constraints are load config 3 and are displayed with a triangle that connects to the node, with the dof numbers that apply to the node beside the triangle.

Note: In the Radioss, Abaqus, and LS-DYNA profiles, load entities are created immediately upon entering the tool. Use the Entity Editor to modify any properties. In all other solver profiles, load entities aren't created until you make your selections then click Create.
  1. From the Analyze ribbon, click the Constraints tool.

    Figure 1.
    Note: Depending on the solver interface, the Constraints tool may be part of a ribbon group menu along with other tools, such as MPCs or Equations. Click the arrow besides the icon to view the tool if it is not currently active.
  2. Select the keyword to create from the Load Type menu.
    The available types depend on the current solver interface.
  3. Choose the entities to which the constraints will be applied.
  4. Select whether the constraint should be a constant value or use curve-based values. If curve, choose the desired curve and change the value to alter the curve’s X scale (for example, time).
  5. Select the degree of freedom that you wish to constrain, then enter a value for the constraint.
  6. If working in a controller, click Create.