Fit Airbag to Housing/Container

Use the Housing tool to fit the airbag to housing/container.

  1. From the Airbag ribbon, click the Housing tool.
    Figure 1.

  2. On the guide bar, click .
    • Folds Directory: The location where the results of the run are written.
  3. On the guide bar, click Components.
  4. Select the airbag components.
  5. Set advanced selections as necessary by clicking on the guide bar.
  6. On the guide bar, click Container.
  7. Select the target container of the airbag.
    Once completed, a copy of the container appears. You have to position it in order to have it fully enclosing the airbag without any intersection.
  8. On the guide bar, click Export to export the pre-simulation model.
  9. At the end of the pre-simulation run, click the satellite icon to load the new positions from the resulting .h3d file.