Create a Tuck Fold

  1. From the Airbag ribbon, click the Tuck tool.
    Figure 1.

  2. On the guide bar, click .
    • GAP: The gap that will be used in the contacts generated in the pre-simulation model.
    • Folds Directory: The location where the results of the run are written.
  3. On the guide bar, click Components.
  4. Select the airbag components.
  5. Set advanced selections as necessary by clicking on the guide bar.
    Figure 2. . The folding line appears for you to position.

  6. On the guide bar, click Nodes.
  7. Select the border nodes of the portion of the airbag to be tucked.
    The nodes are applied to an imposed displacement in the pre-simulation model, like the blue arrows shown in the picture above.
  8. On the guide bar, click Export to generate the pre-simulation deck to be run.
  9. At the end of the pre-simulation run, click the satellite icon to load the new positions from the resulting .h3d file.