Create a Folding Table

Use the Create Table tool to create a table on which the airbag will be folded.

This is a shell part that will be rigid. The dimensions are computed from the size of the airbag, and the elements are regularly and equally spread. The meshing line can then be used as an indicator of the positions.

You should start with an airbag model with properties, materials and contacts.

  1. From the Airbag ribbon, click the Create Table tool.
    Figure 1.

  2. On the guide bar, click to define folding options.
    • Folds Directory: Defines where the file will be saved.
    • Gap: Defines the gap between the airbag and the table.
  3. On the guide bar, click Components.
  4. Select the airbag components.
    A microdialog opens.
  5. Make your selections in the microdialog.
  6. Set advanced selections as necessary by clicking on the guide bar.
  7. On the guide bar, click Proceed.