Create a Roll Fold

  1. From the Airbag ribbon, click the Roll tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. On the guide bar, click .
    • Tool Type: Select the tool around which the airbag will be rolled. This can be either a flat strip (width) or a cylinder (diameter).
    • Number of rotations: The computation stops once this number is reached or a stopping position is reached.
    • The checkboxes allow you to define some boundary conditions. In most cases, you will want to keep the default of the activated checkboxes.
    • Create Symmetric Folding: Create a symmetric roll fold. After the component selection a microdialog opens to create the symmetry plane. Click Create in the microdialog. Two fold lines representing rolling tools are created, one initial and one symmetric.
    • Folds Directory: The location where the results of the run are written.
  3. On the guide bar, click Components.
  4. Select the airbag components.
  5. Set advanced selections as necessary by clicking on the guide bar.
  6. On the guide bar, click Stop Position. In the case of a symmetric fold select Stop Position according to the initial fold line. The stopping position for the symmetric fold line is calculated automatically.
    This requests a node to be selected, and then a rigid shell plane part generates at this position, enabling the rolling to stop and the computation if reached.
  7. On the guide bar, click Export to export the pre-simulation model to be run.
  8. At the end of the pre-simulation run, click the satellite icon to load the new positions from the resulting .h3d file.