Connector Import

Learn about importing connector files.

The following file types can be imported: *.mwf, *.mcf, *.xml, *.vip, *.csv.
Note: An xMCF file can be imported via an .xml file that contains the following headline:
<xmcf xmlns:xs="http/" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns="http:
xMCF is a connector solver import format that is defined by the FAT. Schema definitions can be found at the following locations:
Imported metadata is mapped to each connector with HyperMesh metadata. The imported information is managed in the Entity Editor and applied to the appropriate realizations.
Figure 1.

For xMCF files, the following types of connectors and features are managed:
  • 0D: Spotweld, bolt, screw, gumdrop, clinch, rivet (blind, self-piercing, solid, swop), robscan, contact_list, threaded connection, heat stake, clip, nail
  • 1D: Sequence connection 0D (spotweld, gumdrop), seamweld (butt_joint, corner weld, edge weld, i_weld, overlap weld, y-joint, k-joint, cruciform joint, flared joint), adhesive-line, hemming, contact list
  • 2D: Adhesive face
  • Custom attributes are managed.
  • Appdata is not managed.