Open Files

Open a file.

The directory where file dialogs are opened is saved from the previous successful dialog operation. For example, if you select a file in C:\my_files, the next time a file dialog is opened, it will open in C:\my_files. There are a few exceptions:
  • If the dialog is associated to a filename entry box, the directory is taken from the path entered in the entry box, instead of using the saved directory.
  • Certain dialogs take you to a directory in the installation where the selection would commonly be made, instead of using the saved directory.
  • If the directory is not valid, the file dialog opens in the application start-in directory.
Open a file one of the following ways:
  • From the Home tools, Files tool group, click the Open Model tool.
    Figure 1.

  • From the menu bar, select File > Open > <file type>.
  • Press Ctrl + O.
  • Drag and drop a file directly into the modeling window.
    In HyperMesh, based on the extension of the file that is dropped, a default file type is chosen. This is so the proper reader is used for the file. If you want to use a different reader, you can manually change the type.
    Figure 2.

    Restriction: You can only drag and drop one file at a time.
The application loads model files and solver input files with the solver interface they were saved in.
Tip: To open recently used files, select File > Open Recent > <file> from the menu bar.

Click to pin a file to the list.

For more information on opening model files in HyperView, see Opening Animation Files.

For more information on opening time history files in HyperGraph, see Create Curves by File.