Safety Tools

Use the Safety ribbon to access crash and safety post-processing tools.

Figure 1. Safety ribbon in HyperGraph

Vehicle Crash Regulation Tools

Load Case > Front Impact
From the Load Case group, click the arrow next to the front impact icon, , to select the following tools:
  • IIHS Front (40%)
  • IIHS Front (25%)
  • MPDB (HyperView only)
Figure 2.

Load Case > Side Impact
From the Load Case group, click the IIHS Side icon, , to display the tool.
Load Case Menu
From the Load Case drop-down menu, select the following post-processing tools:
  • Compare Time History
  • Door Intrusion
  • Relative Displacement
Figure 3.

Vehicle Impact Regulations Tools

From the Impacts group, you can access the following tools:
  • Click the Pedestrian icon, , to access the pedestrian impact post-processing tools for head, lower-leg, and upper-leg simulations analysis in accordance with Euro-NCAP, GTR, and C-NCAP regulations.
  • Click the Instrument Panel icon, , to access the post-processing tool for FMVSS201 and ECE-R21 regulations.

Dummy Injury Criteria

From the Occupant group, select the Clip drop-down menu to access the Injury Criteria plot macros.
Note: This option is only available in HyperGraph.
Figure 4.