HS-1605: Set Up ANSYS Workbench Model

Learn how to set up an ANSYS workbench model in HyperStudy.

Before you begin, verify that you have a valid copy of Ansys Workbench and a user supplied properly constructed Workbench project file.

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HyperStudy’s interaction with Workbench is based on interpreting Workbench inputs as input variables and Workbench direct output as output responses. The inputs and direct outputs must be identified in the Workbench project file (*wbpj).

Perform the Study Setup

  1. Start HyperStudy.
  2. Start a new study in the following ways:
    • From the menu bar, click File > New.
    • On the ribbon, click .
  3. In the Add Study dialog, enter a study name, select a location for the study, and click OK.
  4. Go to the Define Models step.
  5. Add a Workbench project file (*wbpj) by dragging-and-dropping it from the Directory into the work area.
    Data is inserted into the Solver Input File, Solver Execution Script, and Solver Input Arguments columns.
    Note: The Message Log reports the number of imported input variables and output responses based on the existing inputs and direct outputs defined in your Workbench project file.
  6. Go to the Define Input Variables step.
  7. Review the input variable's lower and upper bound ranges.
  8. Clear the checkboxes of any variables that should not be considered for this study.

Register Workbench as a Solver

  1. From the menu bar, click Edit > Solver Script.
    The Register Solver Script dialog opens.
  2. In the Path column of the script Workbench, click .
  3. In the Open dialog, select the appropriate path to the workbench executable on your computer.
  4. Click OK.

Perform Nominal Run

  1. Go to the Test Models step.
  2. Click Run Definition.
    An approaches/setup_1-def/ directory is created inside the study Directory. The approaches/setup_1-def/run__00001/m_1 directory contains the input file, which is the result of the nominal run.

Review Output Responses

Review the output responses extracted from Workbench project file (*wbpj).