HS-1690: Set Up a physicsAI Model

Learn how to use physicsAI models to optimize displacement and stress in an optimization study.

Before you begin, copy the model files used in this tutorial from <hst.zip>/HS-1690/ to your working directory.
Note: Unzip the project HST_pAI.7z and inspect the contents:
  • Arm_model.tpl is a parameterized template file for modifying the shape.
  • Arm_model.optistruct.node.tpl contains the shape morphing parameters.
  • Arm_model.shp contains the grid coordinates.
  • Arm_displacement_1000.psmdl is a physicsAI trained model for predicting displacement.
  • Arm_stress_1000.psmdl is a physicsAI trained model for predicting stress.
In this tutorial you will:
  • Open HyperStudy and set up a study.
  • Perform shape morphing on the provided arm model.
  • Use physicsAI models to predict stresses and displacements, bypassing the need for an analysis.
  • Run an optimization study to reduce the volume of the arm subject to stress and displacement constraints.