User sub routines (Groovy): What for?

Sub routines before the 11.2 version

Before the Flux 11.2 version, user had to write user sub routines in Fortran and compile them using a Fortran compiler.

Moreover, he also had to define an user version in Flux.

Sub routines from the 11.2 version

Nowadays, there is no need anymore either to buy a Fortran compiler or to create an user version.

The use of user sub routines is hence simplified.

Indeed, if user has to perform any modification in his Groovy file, all he has to do is to save it and the Groovy file will be automatically compiled during its next use.

Use of old sub routines (Fortran)

It is still possible to use old user sub routines written in Fortran. To do this, user needs to go to options/access paths/user version from the supervisor. Then user selects the directory in which are stocked the directory which the suffix is “.f3d_usr”.